Loch Damph, Wester Ross, Scotland

Loch Damph. Wild, spectacular and enigmatic; it offers traditional loch style fly fishing for magnificent Brown Trout. Set in the midst of the Torridonian landscape of the far North West of Scotland, the loch is surrounded by ancient weather beaten hills that climb steeply from its shores. Stripped bare by millennia of fierce costal weather and long-gone glaciers they tower overhead, creating a colossal natural amphitheatre. The majesty of the scene aptly befitting its iconic residents, as high on lonely ridges the Red Deer and Golden Eagles eek out their livings in dramatic fashion. Thousands of feet below, fly fishermen sit in silence, their offerings laid out on the water’s surface, waiting for acceptance and for some tiny part of the mystery to be resolved.

Loch Damph is but one of a thousand lochs in the far North West that are worthy of the attentions of the Brown Trout fly fisherman. However, it differs in one important quality. The potential size of the specimens it can produce. At specific times and places, beautiful snail feeding Brown Trout are drawn to the shallows to feed on the midge. Truly incomprehensible fish have been landed, well into double figures. Inbetween the illusory appearances of its largest specimens, the fishing is consistently productive with a seemingly never ending supply of smaller Brown Trout willing to eat flies. Each and every rise brings with it a surge of anticipation at what might lie beneath. Pulled wet fly, nymphing, buzzer, sunk line; all successful methods during the day. Becalmed sunrises and sunsets bring hatches of midge to the surface and the chance to test your skills against slow moving, sipping fish.

In a landscape of harsh and volatile weather, wind and rain are the norm. Cleansing by the elements is all part of the experience. What better way then to finish each day, than to return to a warm and welcoming local hotel with steaming hot showers and baths, comfortable bedrooms, plenty of good food, local ales and of course, great whisky.


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Price from: £755*

*based on a party of two

Group Size: 2, 4, 6

Duration: 3 night(s)

Season: May - September

Basis: B&B, Beat fees and Private Guide Service

Basis alternatives

Self Guided: £465* (B&B and Beat fees only)

Self Guided/Catered: £275* (Self catering and Beat fees only)

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